Keeping Women in Line: Time Cover of Breastfeeding Mom Meant to Humiliate Women


Screen Grab, Time's May 21st Cover

Time magazine has the world’s largest weekly circulation with 20 million U.S. subscribers. It is synonymous with hard-hitting news and exclusive interviews with world leaders. In 1927, they launched “Time’s MAN of the Year,” with Charles Lindburgh on the cover. Since then, they’ve only had a handful of women. Their first was Wallis Simpson in 1936, the year King Edward the VII abdicated for the woman he loved. The article inside begins:

“Normally a courageous feminist, Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt is accustomed to name annually “The Ten Women of the Year.” This week she not only did not name Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson as one of her ten women of 1936 but emphasized her attitude by announcing that she is not going to name any more women of the years. In past years Mrs. Catt has named such women as Mrs. Lindbergh, Miss Perkins, Miss Earhart, with President Roosevelt’s wife heading the list year after year.”

Don’t diss Mrs. Catt!

In 1975, American Women were named “Time’s Man of the Year,” yes the entire group.

“America has not entirely repealed the Code of Hammurabi (woman as male property), but enough U.S. women have so deliberately taken possession of their lives that the event is spiritually equivalent to the discovery of a new continent.”

We had a “Code of Hammurabi?”

Of the 87 “Time’s Man of the Year” covers, only three women earned a personal nod – Corazon Aquino, Elizabeth II and Simpson. They couldn’t find any other women. [I’m not counting the 1975 issue that put our entire gender on the cover].

Today, just days away from the most important day for mom, Mother’s Day, Time decides to use a cover that claims to focus on attachment parenting. The image, however is of a scantily clad, young blond woman with tight skinny jeans allowing her young son dressed in army fatigues suck on her breast while looking over a the camera lens.  [Don’t even claim she’s breastfeeding. This is a photo shoot.] Why is the boy dressed like a soldier? There is so much wrong with this cover, but always considering greedy options, if you click on the magazine, you will be taken to a page that allows you to “Buy the Cover.” I’ll bet it will be the most purchased cover ever!

Where are the women of Time magazine?