Wow. If This is the Future of our Gender. We’re Screwed!

Thanks to Matt Stopera with for capturing these tweets and posting the obvious, Yikes. Looks like we have a really big problem here, society.”

25 Extremely Upsetting Reactions To Chris Brown At The Grammys

Photo obtained by TMZ allegedly of Rhianna

For those women who think their post is funny or actually¬† are serious about wanting to be “beaten” by Chris Brown, let’s remember what Brown did to Rhianna. According to, who obtained the LAPD police report:

“Brown then allegedly shoved Rihanna’s head against the passenger window. When Rihanna turned to face him, Brown punched her, then continued punching her while driving, according to the detective’s notes.”

Blood spattered all over Rihanna’s clothing and in the interior of the car. Her mouth was filled with blood.

Brown allegedly told Rihanna, “I’m going to beat the **** out of you when we get home. You wait and see.

According to the report, Brown continued to punch Rihanna, bit her on her ear, her fingers and put her in a headlock — she almost lost consciousness.”

I have posted this picture as big as I can make it. It’s horrific and millions of women around the world are victims of this kind of abuse every single day.

Still think it’s funny.