Are Women Really This Easy?

Reuters recently interviewed University of Texas at San Antonio Marketing Professor, Dr. Jill Sundie about a study on how the opposite sex feels about “conspicuous consumption.”  The result suggests women are more attracted to a man’s bling than his brain.  Perhaps more troubling is what Dr. Sundie garners from the data.

“By engaging in splashy personal spending, men are sending a signal to women that they want a ‘short term relationship,’ much like peacocks trying to woo a mating partner using ‘wasteful, elaborate displays,’ Sundie said.”

“Women seem to understand that when they see a man who has chosen to spend money conspicuously, they think he would be more interesting as a date,” Sundie said.”

POINT OF CLARIFICATION:  There is no information on who funded the study, but Dr. Sundie is a marketing professor so my guess is a luxury car company.

For years, men with nice cars often meant insecurity and overcompensation to women.  According to Dr. Sundie the view has shifted.  Now owning a cool car or spending lots of money are ways to “attract” the ladies who are willing to have the no strings attached relationship.  Hard to believe a car can do all that.