Our GIRLFRIEND of the Week: Crystal Ivory

Sometimes it requires drastic measures in life if you want to be heard.  Last Sunday afternoon in Riviera Beach, Florida, police received a call about a sexual assault.  When they arrived, the police found the caller, Crystal Ivory, “behaving in such a way that officers concluded she may be experiencing an episode of mental illness.”  [Maybe because she had been sexually assaulted.  Just a guess.]

According to the news report, “Police said they put handcuffs on Ivory and detained her in the back of a police cruiser while they were investigating for her safety” [I guess this is the new community policing.]  Taking an alleged sexual assault victim and handcuffing her, then shutting the door while the police SPOKE TO EVERYONE ELSE seems extraordinary.

Ivory, who was so mentally unstable she had to be detained and arrested at the scene apparently did have some frame of mind to “shift her handcuffed wrists to the front of her body, squeezed through a small porthole-type window and got into the driver’s seat.”  All without anyone seeing her do this because the were “investigating.”  She then proceeded to drive the police car several miles until she ran into another car (no one was hurt).

Police said, “Ivory continued to drive even after hitting the truck and came to a stop near a bank parking lot.”

Still, no charges have been filed for the assault, the taking of the police car or the accident.  This story is all over the web and it’s all focused on Ms. Ivory taking the police car, not one word about how this woman was treated as a sexual assault victim.  Some things never change.