Is Your Head Shot Turning People Off?

At some point, every business professional will be asked to provide a head shot.  If you’re digitally social, you have a Linkedin account, a Facebook page, a blog and you might even be an avid tweeter.  How are you introducing yourself to potential clients in these online venues?  If you are using an old photo that you cut your head out of, consider this article especially for you.  Head shots sell you just as much as your bio, perhaps even more.

Lisa Streib, founder of Streibwerks is an expert on creating head shots that sell an image.  She’s one of the most sought after graphic artists in the industry for her unique perspective for creating professional images that sell.

“Many of my clients already have head shots, but their skin tone may be uneven or shadows may create an odd aura around them that makes them look dark or shady, which then makes them appear to be less than honest or trustworthy,” says Lisa.  “Retouching is affordable and an extremely effective way to project a person’s image more positively and create a more desirable connection between the viewer and the photo.  We are a nation of millions of images and successful people have a certain type of personal projection.  Eliminating blemishes, heavy dark circles around the eyes, red eye and even wrinkles can provide a very powerful first impression.”

(PHOTO) in this image, Lisa opens up the subject’s eyes, trims the shadows on her face and sharpens the colors, making her go from looking somewhat unsure and insecure to extremely confident and comfortable.

Lisa is far from an artist that simply airbrushes images.  She considers herself an image master, using various art tools to create a stronger persona, not simply a prettier one.

“Think about what you spend on haircuts, hair coloring, clothes, manicures, pedicures, and teeth whitening in order to look good.  For less than most of those services, I can professionally retouch a photo that projects self-assurance and success,” adds Lisa.

Streibwerks’ retouching services typically range from $49 to $99.  For professionals in the Atlanta area, she is currently offering a special $29 rate to shoot head shots if you come to her studio.  Businesses can call to get quotes on group rates for executive head shots for websites and annual reports.  To learn more, visit her online at or call Lisa at (404) 291-7044.