What’s Killing American Women?

Do you believe that people can be so smart that they are stupid? A study co-authored by researcher Mary Panjari, at Monash University Medical School in Prahran, Australia, found that women diagnosed with breast cancer have little desire for sex.

In an article written by HealthDay Reporter Kathleen Doheny, Panjari reports, “We see a large number of women who tell us this is an issue,” said study co-author Mary Panjari, a researcher at Monash University Medical School in Prahran, Australia. “The finding that 70 percent had sexual problems after diagnosis and initial treatment … puts numbers to the anecdotal findings,” she said. It also echoes previous research.

According to the study, 80 percent of women in the trials were also going through menopause and were teak aromatase inhibitors, both decrease sexual desire.

AMERICAN WOMEN, it is time to rise up with pitchforks and tell medical researchers WE want, no EXPECT, substantive research on behalf of our healthcare issues. Common sense already tells us that menopausal women taking cancer drugs will have “sexual problems after diagnosis and initial treatment.” THEY MAY DIE. Yes, without research or a medical degree, I know that a diagnosis of DEATH may indeed cut down sexual desire and quash romantic feelings.

Recently, the National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, released a report citing minimal progress on women’s health issues. Lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer death in women, has risen among women (0.4%), between 1991 and 2006, while diagnosis in men (1.8%) has decreased in the same period.

Diagnosis of new HIV cases is growing in women (the fastest growing group of HIV) and yet clinical trials of new drugs for the disease are typically researched among male subjects because women are unable to finish out a full term. “Jobs, child care, and transportation often affect whether women complete clinical trials, which can last for a year or longer and require multiple doctor visits,” says Judith Feinberg who works with the Gender, Race and Clinical Experience (GRACE) trial. source: Actup.org [Read More]

“The reality is we prescribe drugs to women all the time that have only or primarily been tested on men,” said Feinberg.

WOMEN, let’s focus our energy on holding the medical community accountable for studies that insult our intelligence. Our lives and the lives of our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends rely on it. Insist on funding dollars going to quality research and require that women be provided daycare, job funding, anything needed in order to fully understand drugs and the effects they have on women’s health.